CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT. Guests of LuLu's Cottage by the Sea may check-in after 4 PM on their scheduled date of arrival and check-out by 10 AM on their scheduled date of departure. These are the typical check-in/check-out times, unless otherwise agreed to or required as a result of turnover requirements.

TOILETRIES are not included. It is recommended that you bring all necessary personal hygiene products for your stay.

LINENS are professionally cleaned upon each departure. Guests will always arrive to clean sheets, bed covers, pillowcases and pillow coverings. Please do not use the linens for anything outside of the bedroom. LuLu's Cottage by the Sea provides two (2) sets of towels per bed. Any additional towels or sheets should be provided by the guest. Beach towels are not included.

LAUNDRY. LuLu's Cottage by the Sea is equipped with a washer and dryer. Laundry detergent must be supplied by the guest. Guests are asked not to over fill the washer/dryer and remember to empty the lint catcher after each cycle

KITCHEN is fully equipped with pots, pans and small appliances. Additional small appliances may be made available upon request. Please use as needed and remember to clean and return all items back to where they were to avoid being charged for lost items. Dish soap, dishwasher soap and paper towels are not included.


BOATS are welcomed at LuLu's and may be stored in the driveway, never under the house. Boats are to be launched at the public boat launch right before the Island Bridge across from Harry A's (28 W. Bayshore Drive., St. George Island).

POOL AREA. All guests are required to ALWAYS use the outdoor poolside shower prior to entering the pool. If excess sand is left in the pool, an additional cleaning fee of $200.00 may apply. We encourage guests at all times to shower before entering the pool. For your safety and the safety of all guests, please refrain from bringing glass into the pool area. If broken glass is found, an additional cleanup fee will apply.

GRILLING. LuLu's provides an electric grill located on the upstairs porch. This grill is safe, large, does not require charcoal and is extremely easy to clean. If you require a charcoal grill, please advise prior to your arrival and one will be left on the pool deck for you. Please be aware that this grill is not allowed in the upstairs porch area due to fire and smoke hazards. If damage occurs due to unsafe grilling, repairs will be deducted from your deposit. 


MAINTENANCE. If maintenance is required for any reason, please contact management via text to 850.778.3909.

CUSTOMIZED SERVICES. Customized arrival services (i.e. milk, coffee, eggs, bread, wine, sodas, etc.) are available at a standard fee of 75.00. Please submit your request for customized arrival services to for a quote, all cost will be deducted from your credit card, and all receipts will be forwarded for verification.

PETS are NOT allowed overnight or for the day. Only upon written consent of the owner will pets be permitted. A $45 fee per day will apply if guests are allowed to have pets. If pets are brought to LuLu's without the knowledge or written consent of the owner, a cleanup fee of $150 will be applied to your credit card in addition to the daily pet fee upon departure. 

ENTERTAINMENT. The audio system is located on the bottom shelf of the TV stand. To operate, please do the following: turn on the black unit, choose radio, iPod or accessory. If accessory is chosen, the TV will play through the speakers and the TV. There is a plus and minus volume option on the left speaker at the bottom of the small speaker tower. Games and books are available for your pleasure and enjoyment. Please be aware that if games are removed, damaged, or destroyed, a replacement fee will apply. The code to access WiFi is Breezydayz#1. Movie rental is available via cable and charges for any and all movie rentals will be deducted from the credit card on file. Beach umbrellas, beach toys and/or beach chairs will not be supplied. Please be aware that any missing, broken or removed items from the property will be charged against your deposit. 

CLEANLINESS. LuLu's Cottage by the Sea is thoroughly decontaminated 4 times each year. All floors, surfaces, mattresses, tubs etc. are meticulously decontaminated to prevent the spread of germs and microbes. The pool at LuLu's Cottage by the Sea is professionally cleaned twice per week by property maintenance. Guests are asked not to tamper with pool equipment. If equipment is damaged due to tampering, standard service fees apply.